Introducing NEW SCENTS!

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  Introducing our School of Wash NEWEST SCENTS!!!  Enjoy!   Avocado & Sea Salt = A fresh melon scent with hints of saltiness. Butter Pecan = Like opening up a pint of your favorite ice cream, sweet, buttery and nutty. Cedarwood & Spice = A light, MANLY scent with hints of cedarwood and spice. Cinnamon […]

Healthy Hair Alert


Over the years, we have been trained by the media to want our hair to look and feel a certain way – shiny, silky, smooth, clean, full, and luxurious. What we fail to realize as consumers is what it takes from an ingredient standpoint to give you all these things. Let’s see: shine and silkiness […]

Albany Herald Gives School of Wash Thumbs Up

“School of Wash is a business owned by a mother and her young daughter. Put simply, the company sells homemade bath products for children, women, men and pets. Sunshine Bags consist of shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Founder Rebekah Davis has always encouraged her daughter to give outgrown clothes and toys to others but when […]

Boys Love to Smell Too!!

  “You had me at Lemongrass & Greentea.  Not only did School Of Wash create Handmade Bath Products, like Hair and Body Spritz, but it is also Paraben-free, Talc-free, SLS-free, Sulfate-free, Sodium Chloride-free and no added colors or dyes.  I am totally a healthy hair snob, mainly because I donate my locks, and if it’s not good enough […]

Shouldn’t Your Child Smell Like a Child

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We make no secret about our feelings when it comes to our little Lulu – she should act her age.  Wear age appropriate clothing, engage in age appropriate activities and more importantly, smell like her age not a woman.  And we are psyched that other parents out there feel the same way… “But in the […]

The Top 10 Must Have Fragrances for Fall


It is always difficult for me to jump from summer to fall maybe it’s because we don’t really get fall down in South Georgia or I just begin to long for colder weather anything is better than hot and humid.  Either way the time has come for us to shuffle in the fall scents and […]

Mary’s Cup of Tea Reviews School of Wash Shave Cream


To read Mary’s full review – click here.  Here is a little excerpt… “I absolutely adore this product! Why? First off, it is made for me! Yes, you can order this in a scent that you pick from this very long list that keeps on going (actually there are 245 scents!) but my favorite all […]

There Came This Woman Reviews Moon Shimmer


“I used to have full blown Type 2 Diabetes and due to the fact that I changed my diet and  lifestyle, I won my battle with the said disease. However, the sensitivity of my skin that got magnified due to this health condition, never went away. This explains why I am very particular with the […]

Pea of Sweetness Reviews School of Wash

School of Wash offers a variety of handmade bath products for the whole family. For my review I received something for everyone – including the pets! Because I love lavender I was sent products with lavender combination scents to try. When I learned they use essential oils for the lavender combinations I was even more excited since […]

Susan’s Disney Family – More Like Our New School of Wash Family!


Here’s what Susan and her family thought of School of Wash.  Click the logo above to read her full review. “Sometimes as a busy mom, life can get hectic and sometimes there is just no time to wash your hair everyday so if we miss a wash, dry shampoo is the answer. What is dry […]