Scent Yo’Self!

"hugs and kisses" handwritten message

Winter is a time for cuddling, and what cuddling would be complete without a little sassy note of scent!  So, when you decide to cuddle up with your loved one or your itty bitty or even your furry angel, we suggest a little scent on yo’self!

Here are our favorite School of Wash™, SOW™ &  SOW MAN™ WINTER SCENTS!

Amber Amore = Exotic, rich amber and vanilla with a hint of musk, for the perfect cuddling accent.

Bay Rum = A MANLY essence of West Indian Bay Tree when beach dreaming is in order.

Brown Sugar = The perfect hug from your little one (furry or not) is even better when it smells of warm brown sugar and vanilla kisses.

Caramel & Sea Salt = The warm scent of caramel compliments fur and gives it a salty kick.

Chai Tea = Perfect for your love, itty bitty or furry angel, spicy clove, orange and vanilla mixed into huggable goodness.

Chocolate Amber = The sweet smell of passion mixed into a musk of amber, cocoa and vanilla.

Creme Brûlée = When mixed with playground sweat or puppy excitement, this creamy, sweet scent becomes a brown sugar, vanilla hug.

Moon Shimmer = The perfect feminine scent, light and fresh with a hint of naughty.

Nutcracker = A deep musk with a sensual MANLINESS that is filled with vanilla, maple, bergamot, clove, coconut and citrus.

Orange Clove = For the sweet and spicy attitude, mix it up with orange and cloves.  Perfect for everyone.

Pink Jasmine = Light, floral scent that sweetens skin and fur.

Raspberry = A sweet compliment to the angel in your life.

Sage & Citrus = Fresh sage and eucalyptus bound in a musk of patchouli and sandalwood make for a cuddle time must-have.

Spiced Apples = A reminder of the cold weather with a touch of sweet and sassy.

Spicy Gumdrops = Scent them according to their personality, spicy and sweet rolled into one.

Scent Y0’Self!



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